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10 unique things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a destination known for taking its visitors' breath away. A metropolis filled to the brim of world-class food, architecture, design and of course Danish "Hygge". Sure you have heard about the little mermaid and planned a visit to Tivoli, but what more unique things to do has Copenhagen to offer?

Experience Denmark's unique capital differently

Copenhagen actually has a wide range of unique activities and attractions that make the city an obvious destination to visit, in addition to the obvious reasons just mentioned. We have listed ten of these attractions and activities below. Draw up the notepad and start planning your visit!

1. Ski down an artificial slope

The new sustainable landmark of Copenhagen is the magnificent 450-meter long green ski slope CopenHill. Built upon a clean power plant it is a dreamlike combination of an adventure and an environmentally conscious choice of activity. Hike up the trail, climb the 85 meters high climbing wall, enjoy the spectacular view from the top or swoosh down the green slopes. Whatever you choose to do, we can guarantee that your visit to the waste-to-energy plant will be a memory for life. 

CopenHill Ski Slope in Copenhagen by night
CopenHill Ski Slope in Copenhagen by night.

2. The largest street food market in the Nordics

From April, the obvious gathering place for those who appreciate great food and a vibrant atmosphere, is no less than Reffen. The largest street food market in the Nordic region has over 40 food stalls, seating for over 2,500 people, workshops, live music and of course a large skatepark. The easiest way to get here is by either Hop On-Hop Off bus or Hop On-Hop Off boat (stop 34 or C). Guaranteed to be one of Copenhagen's most hip(ster) places and incredibly Instagram-friendly.

Danish smorebrød at Reffen, Copenhagen
Classic Danish dish Smørrebrød served at Reffen Street Food market. © Reffen

3. See a bridge both above and below the surface

You may have heard of the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden? But the majestic bridge that has named the television series The Bridge (The Bridge) is not only a quick link between the countries across the Øresund strait, but also a unique bridge that partially goes under water. The underwater section creates both a passage for ships traveling towards the Baltic Sea, and serves a purpose as an artificial reef to boost marine life. See the bridge dive below the surface from Copenhagen's beaches or take the opportunity to experience two countries during one day with a quick visit to Malmö.

Øresund bridge in sunset
Øresund bridge in sunset.

4. Be surrounded by hundreds of Santa Claus at an amusement park

In July, the annual Santa Claus gatherings takes place at one of the world's oldest amusement parks – Bakken. This spectacle is something that amuses and amazes both the old and the young, and in combination with a roller coaster ride or two this will surely be a day to remember. Clearly something you don’t wanna miss out on if you are visiting Copenhagen during the summer.

World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken.
World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken. © Bakken

5. Glide over the bath-friendly inner city canals

See the city from a whole new point of view and treat yourself to a tour of Copenhagens picturesque and scenic canals. It is undoubtedly the best way to see the Danish capital and you get the chance to tick off a bunch of must-see attractions. The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg, Nyhavn, the Black Diamond and Christianshavn are some of the spectacular views you will pass. A fun fact that the tour guide may not reveal is that the dazzling canals are so clean that Copenhageners are happy to cool off with a swim there during warm summer days.

Sightseeing by boat in Nyhavn
Canal boat in Nyhavn.

6. Discover a lighthouse buried in sand

The Rudbjerg Knude lighthouse is a popular Danish landmark. The sight of the now abandoned lighthouse is fascinating, and the dunes climb ever higher up the building each year. Do as many thousands have done before and take a hike along the sandy hills before the lighthouse is completely buried in the sand. The view is picture perfect.

Rudbjerg Knude Lighthouse
Rudbjerg Knude Lighthouse.

7. Climb up on the outside of a church tower

If you want a panoramic 360 view of Copenhagen and a unique thing to do combined – this is for you. The baroque church Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour) is a landmark that stands out amongst all others. You can ascend the twisted spire of the recognizable sight, which at its highest point measures 90 meters above the ground. Going up all the 400 steps is no small feat, but the payoff is worth the effort. Will you dare to rise to these wuthering heights to touch the Christ statue on top?

Our Saviour's Church tower
Our Saviour's Church tower.

8. Take on the sea like a true Viking

It is no news that Copenhagen once was an important place for the Vikings. What may be a novelty though, is that you have the opportunity to embark the sea in a reconstruction of a true Viking long boat together with the Viking Ship Museum. The ships are made with the same tools and technique as the actual Vikings used. Live out your inner viking and feel the salt water in your hair while setting sail. You’ll play an active role in the crew, listen to exciting stories and look out over the Danish fjords.

Viking ship in fjord
A Viking long boat gliding in the fjords.

9. Delve into history in a unique underground museum

The architectural icon, the Maritime Museum, takes you far below ground level for an exploration of history. Discover all you need to know about over 600 years of maritime history at Denmark's most unique and award-winning museum. Here you are guaranteed to experience exhibitions beyond the ordinary. Its next door neighbor also happens to be the home of Hamlet. So when you are in the area – take the opportunity to also visit the UNESCO sight Kronborg Castle.

M/S Maritime Museum in Copenhagen
The iconic underground Maritime Museum.

10. Capture the iconic buildings of Nyhavn

Last but not least. A visit in Copenhagen hardly counts if you haven't stood by the colorful buildings in Nyhavn, and snapped that picture perfect photo for your social medias. It’s hardly a unique thing to do, but when you're in the area you can take the chance to dine at one of the many Michelin starred restaurants nearby. It will obviously be a gastronomic and pretty unique experience worth remembering.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen in dawn
View over Nyhavn by night.