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Quick links to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a refreshing city with rich culture, beautiful surroundings and an extremely vibrant aura. But where to start when visiting a capital that has so much to offer? Our quick links serves as a fast and easy guide filled to the brim with hacks, time saving info and must-see attractions.

What to see and do when in Copenhagen?

In recent years, Copenhagen has completely blossomed. The Danes are one of the happiest people in the world, and we can easily understand why. Besides the fact that the Danish capital is an example of sustainability and the pursuit of a green lifestyle, the city is at the heart of Scandinavian architecture, design and beautiful surroundings. Here you can experience culinary sensations, cultural treasures, historical artifacts, a hippie freetown and much more. And the best of all – you can save time, money and nerve by unlocking the city with the Copenhagen City Pass!

24 hours in Copenhagen

One of Europe's best cities really deserves a longer visit, but if you only have 24 hours to spare, we have the perfect arrangement for you. Read the guide on how to spend a full day in Copenhagen and how to make sure you get the best of what this fantastic destination has to offer!

10 unique things to do

Return home from your trip to Copenhagen with memories and stories few others have discovered! The Danish capital has a wide range of things to experience and see, but we have collected our 10 unique favorites that are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Read the full list and get a head start on the perfect stay!