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Copenhagen neighbourhoods

In the beautiful Danish capital there is a great variety of neighborhoods that will suit all different visions and wishes for your stay. Reach your new favorite area with Stromma's wide range of Hop On-Hop Off and sightseeing tours by bus and boat.

Find your favourite part of the city

The different areas and neighbourhoods of Copenhagen each have their own irresistible charm, fascinating history and interesting museums. Whether it is the hipster vibes in Vesterbro, the green parks in Frederiksberg, or the controversial Freetown of Christiania you will be sure to find your favorite part of Copenhagen.

Inner City Centre

In the city centre you will find Copenhagen's oldest neighbourhood with narrow streets and crooked houses but also spectacular modern buildings. This is also the area where some of the city's most popular attractions, museums, restaurants and shopping streets are to be found.

Inner City North: Nørrebro

Nørrebro is a former working-class district that has turned into the coolest part of Copenhagen. Just a short walk from the city centre, as soon as you cross the bridge ”Dronning Louises Bro” you feel the multicultural and vibrant atmosphere.

Inner City West: Vesterbro & Frederiksberg

The inner City West is home to hipster neighbourhood Vesterbro and to Frederiksberg on the outer edge, with lots of green areas and nice residential houses.

Inner City South: Nyhavn, Christianshavn & Amager

The south part of the city centre contains one of the most visited areas in Copenhagen - Nyhavn. Locals and tourists alike come here to visit the many restaurants housed in the historic buildings along the canal. Further to the south is Christianshavn, an old working-class area that is getting hipper by the hour – but still with an interesting mix of people.

Inner City East: Østerbro & Hellerup

Østerbro and Hellerup are somewhat posh residential areas, located north of the city centre. The areas are quiet and family-friendly where visitors can enjoy the many green areas and the closeness to the water.

Greater Copenhagen North: Elsinore, Klampenborg & Lyngby

The northern part of Sealand is beautiful, peaceful and with plenty of marvellous nature. It is home to the famous Kronborg Castle in Elsinore and Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park.

Greater Copenhagen West: Roskilde

Roskilde is an exciting mix of historical heritage and modern culture, and is situated only 30 minutes from Copenhagen, which makes it great for a daytrip. It is one of Denmark’s oldest and most significant cities and during a visit here you can experience the world of the Vikings, be amazed by the beautiful cathedral and dive into a universe of music and culture at the Ragnarock museum.