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Free with pass Save 150 DKK
Free with pass Save 150 DKK

Tivoli Gardens


The Amusement park that inspired Walt Disney

The Tivoli Gardens, or Tivoli, as the locals call it, has been an absolute institution in the life of the Danish capital from the very first day of its opening in 1843. This makes it one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, located right in the heart of the city. Enjoy free entry to the park with the Copenhagen City Pass. Please note that tickets to the rides are not included.

Visit Tivoli Gardens to marvel at the architecture, get your adrenaline pumping on the rides, have a lovely dinner in one of the restaurants or the Food Court. Are you exploring Copenhagen on a Friday night? Go and see how the park transforms into a giant concert venue and enjoy the weekend vibe. Located right across from the train station in the heart of the city, the Tivoli is a hugely popular attraction for Copenhageners and tourists alike. And small wonder: the park’s blend of wild and scenic rides set against the backdrop of its gorgeous architecture and "hygge" makes for a unique experience that has fascinated generations.

A Tivoli that changes with the seasons

Stepping through the Tivoli’s iconic archway means setting foot into an enchanting world of brick, wood, and wrought iron with ornate details around every corner. Seeing the park light up with the glow of more than 500,000 fairy lights when darkness falls is an unforgettable experience. Famously, it even left a huge expression on Walt Disney and shaped the ideas for his parks! And don’t think for a moment that the park simply stays the same throughout the year! Every season is celebrated with its own theme, evoking the freshness of spring, endless summer days, and glory of the amber fall. And, of course, the most popular one: the cozy, snowy winter leading into the tranquil days of Christmas.

Rides that offer nostalgia and excitement

That doesn’t mean that it’s all just genteel and mellow, though. Quite the opposite: In addition to its most popular ride, a wooden roller coaster dating back to 1914, the Tivoli offers more than its fair share of options for thrill seekers. The Vertigo ride, for instance, takes you on an upside-down ride at breakneck speed, earning it the title of Europe’s best ride in 2014, and the countless loops and twists of the Demon will have you screaming with excitement in no time.

As the Tivoli offers the chance to soak up its incomparable nostalgic atmosphere, to chase an adrenaline rush on the rides, or to see one of the many local artists and international heavy-hitters play the stage, it’s hardly surprising that it continues to fascinate visitors of all ages and walks of life. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to see grandparents basking in the glow of all the memories they’ve made taking their grandchildren overflowing with excitement for what they’re about to see.