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The National Museum

Learn all about Danish History

The National Museum in Copenhagen is Denmark's largest museum of cultural history, both Danish and international. Welcome to a top attraction included in the Copenhagen City Pass.

The country’s leading cultural and historical institution, the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen is an attraction that shouldn´t be missing on the agenda of any tourist visiting the Danish capital. Whether you wander the stacks, artifacts, and exhibitions on an afternoon stroll, or you come here for an entire day to explore the museum in great detail, you are sure to be amazed, excited, and educated in equal measure.

From the Vikings to the modern age

The museum focuses on both Danish and international history and culture. The various exhibitions dedicated to the country of Denmark and its people illuminate various often tumultuous periods of crucial importance to the country and its political, social, and cultural development. Among those, you find the Danish prehistory and the age of the Vikings, before you move on to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the tumultuous period of transformation from absolute monarchy to the nation state, and from there to the German occupation during World War II, the modern welfare state, and, finally, our present day.

Priceless artifacts bring history to life

Various priceless artifacts bring history to life in these exhibitions: you will see first-hand what kind of weaponry and ships made the Vikings such feared warriors and skilled explorers of the seas, what scientific and social upheaval the Renaissance brought about, and how the famous Danish welfare state came into existence. In these exhibitions, the museum houses true national treasures like the Sun Chariot, a relic from the Bronze Ages and the only one of its kind worldwide, Denmark’s oldest coin, Viking swords and battle axes.

From Denmark to the Arctic, Americas, and Africa

In addition to Denmark, the scope of the museum’s collections and research extends to the farthest reaches of the globe. The museum’s exhibits take you on a journey to such diverse places as the Americas, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, and even the Arctic. Artifacts from all aspects of life – from traditional furniture to objects of worship, instruments of warfare, and everything in between – illustrate what made these cultures so special and what might even have united them.