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Free with pass Save 299 DKK
Free with pass Save 299 DKK

Solve a Mystery Christiansborg Palace

Join the murder mystery-trail

Are you thinking of what to do and see when in Copenhagen? The Murder Mystery Christiansborg Palace is the perfect way to see and discover the Danish capital in a unique way. A thrilling storyline and exciting tasks make for an adventure to remember.

The Murder Mystery takes place around the historical Christiansborg Palace. In the beautiful surroundings on the tiny island of Slotsholmen you are free to live out your crime solving fantasies. Take on the challenge and step into the role of a Danish criminal police.

A mission for friends and family

In groups of two to six participants you are up for an exploring adventure in the Copenhagen City center. Exciting tasks will lead you on to the next clue until you and your companions have solved the murder mystery.

Pick up your mission at Nyhavn 38 Souvenir and walk one kilometer to Christiansborg Palace Area to start playing the game. You can of course also take the metro M3 to Gammel Strand (remember to buy a ticket for the metro). However, solving the mystery takes place outdoors. You have about two exciting hours ahead of you to solve the mystery, but of course there is no time limit. You start and end whenever you want!

Thrilling storyline

When you start playing the game you are transformed into a police officer. You have solved murders and crimes around Copenhagen for years. You are back home after a long day, when it knocks on the door. A messenger is rapidly reaching you an envelope bearing a royal decree.

The year is 1914, and another important person has disappeared. In the letter you can read that body parts have been found – and now your assistance is required. Can you solve the mystery?