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Free with pass Save 115 DKK
Free with pass Save 115 DKK


Museum for pop, rock and youth culture

RAGNAROCK is a new contemporary museum and cultural greenhouse in Roskilde. Centered on music, and through modern exhibitions the museum paints the picture of youth culture and the musical eras from the 1950’s and up until today. A top attraction included in Copenhagen City Pass.

Get ready for a journey into the universe of music and culture! The museum, with its world class architecture, is located in the district Musicon in Roskilde, close to the famous Roskilde Festival's permanent place.

In northern mythology, Ragnarok is the story of the end of the world, but also the tale of it's rebirth. Ragnarok describes, in a sense, a new beginning. It is to mirror the confrontation with the old and creation of the new that gives the museum its name. The building itself is worth the visit: The stunning architecture of the building, featuring a gold-riveted façade and robust materials, is designed by the star architects of Danish COBE and Dutch MVRDV. 

Music can change the world

RAGNAROCK conveys the enormous impact that youth culture have on society, and with interactive installations and lots of activities the museum invites the visitor on a journey through the history of modern youth culture. Through interactive installations and activities visitors can explore the world of music. RAGNAROCK presents a variety of events - from concerts and films to children's activities and lectures. There is also a nice café and a museum shop.  

The exhibitions consist of various themes, all adding different layers to the history. The themes range from Dance, and Fanboys and Fangirls, to the listening station Demoteket and an attempt to answer the question “Can music change the world”?