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Free with pass Save 90 DKK
Free with pass Save 90 DKK

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

A must-see for art lovers

Showcasing contemporary art in a baroque palace in the center of Copenhagen, the Kunsthal Charlottenborg ranks among Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant exhibition spaces. This unique combination makes it an absolute must-see for anyone interested in exciting art and architecture. Free admission with Copenhagen City Pass.

Avantgarde art in a historical setting

The Kunsthal Charlottenborg serves as the official exhibition gallery of the Royal Danish Academy of Art. Located in Copenhagen’s vibrant harbor district of Nyhavn, it has attracted the work of countless national and international art superstars for more than a century, making it Copenhagen’s Mecca for contemporary art. With an ambitious program that showcases an exciting and inspiring combination of new talent and established artists from Denmark and abroad, the Kunsthal is at the absolute forefront of contemporary art spaces in Europe.

But as cutting-edge as the agenda may be, the focus is still firmly on art that makes an immediate impression on the spectator. Here, contemporary art can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. And little wonder that the Kunsthal is such an enormously popular attraction in Copenhagen. Since 1883, it has been located in the historical, eponymous Charlottenborg palace, originally built in the Dutch baroque style during the 17th century. The high ceilings, enormous windows, intricate stucco ornamentations, and pristine white interior give the art center an open and inviting atmosphere that provides the ideal backdrop for the art on display and allows it to fully make its impact on the visitors.

A living center for the arts

In order to maintain its position as one of Europe’s most important forums for the most exciting and interesting new art, the Kunsthal produces a constant stream of exhibits in cooperation with several of the world’s leading art institutions and galleries. Although all different in their artistic perspective, craftsmanship, and choice of material, all of these relate to questions of modern life and aim to delight, challenge, and provoke the visitors. And as a living art for the arts, the Kunsthal showcases works across all artistic genres, ranging from sculptures to installations, paintings, and video and film recordings.

Moreover, the center presents musical performances, organizes lectures and debates, and hosts workshops, so that no two visits are ever the same.