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Free with pass Save 115 DKK
Free with pass Save 115 DKK

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND

A center dedicated to cutting-edge art

Looking back on a long history, Kunstforeningen (The Art Society) GL STRAND, also known as Gammel Strand, is a modern and vibrant art institution. Take the chance to explore the exciting and constantly updated program for free with Copenhagen City Pass.

In a historical setting, the center is a delight for anyone looking for art that can be enjoyed in an immediate and direct fashion. Through its program, the center addresses a wide host of contemporary questions and concerns. These range from new perspectives and takes on historical developments in art and society to engaging with questions of modern life through the lens of art or presenting the most exciting and cutting-edge voices and works in the Danish and international art scene.

To be able to provide its visitors with a broad and vibrant perspective on the latest developments in the world of art, the Kunstforeningen works across all genres. Visitors coming here can expect to find everything from installations, exhibits, music performances, live events, lectures, workshops, guided tours, and even a varied program of art-related films shown in the center’s very own cinema, Kunstbiografen.

With art that often combines various artistic approaches and works across different disciplines to achieve striking results, the center focuses on works that achieve an immediate effect and that visitors can appreciate and enjoy on a direct and exciting level.

Art displayed in a historical townhouse villa

The center’s history dates all the way back to 1825 when it was founded on the initiative of Danish artists and academics as a way to pay tribute to the enormously productive and vibrant period in Danish art known as the Danish Golden Age. In 1952, the center moved in its present location: a historic townhouse villa whose spacious interior provides the ideal background for the art on display.

For those looking for a break or a souvenir, the Kunstforeningen also offers a café and shop. For each exhibit, the center produces an accompanying catalogue, postcards, and posters, and visitors also find a rich selection of art books, films, and prints to choose from. And with its inviting and relaxing atmosphere, the café is the ideal spot to get a drink or snack.