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Discount with pass Save 94 DKK
Discount with pass Save 94 DKK

In the footsteps of the Vikings

Explore the Danish Viking history

Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings and discover all there is to know about the Danish Vikings. The 5.5 hour guided bus sightseeing tour takes you to three historical and unforgettable sights. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, Lejre Museum and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Roskilde Cathedral. When buying Copenhagen City Pass, Stromma offers you a 15% discount, on the guided sightseeing tour.

The Danish Vikings are a special and thrilling part of history. They had tremendous talent in both navigation and sailing. Together with their characteristic ships, they took on the seas and explored faraway places. 

Discover the original magnificent ships of both admired and feared savages at the Viking Ship Museum, and hear all the stories of when the Vikings both raided and traded overseas.

Stories of the Viking kings

Roskilde is one of the most important areas of the Danish Vikings. At the UNESCO World Heritage site, Roskilde Cathedral, you’ll get to feel the true spirit of a thrilling era. 

Here you have the opportunity to get close to legendary Viking royals, at the same time as you discover the impressive and unique medieval cathedral. The legacy of giants in Viking history like King Harald Bluetooth and King Sweyn Forkbeard is captivating, and the guided tour will open the door to their world. 

The Lejre area

Lejre is supposed to be one of the most important areas of the Danish Viking age. Several large halls, material remains and archaeological finds has been excavated in these areas. All indicating that the grounds once where the property of the powerful Viking elite. Together with the medieval sagas about Lejre we have reason to believe that the story of the kingdom of Denmark began at this very location. 

In the Lejre Museum, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the national park Skjoldungernes Land, you will get close to many of the archeological artefacts. The tour also explores one of the best kept burial chambers from around 3000 BC, Øm Passage Grave. To sum up the whole experience you will have the possibility to taste the Viking beverage mead. It is possible to buy lunch, coffee and water during the tour.