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Free with pass Save 95 DKK
Free with pass Save 95 DKK

The Grand Tour


Sightseeing by boat in Copenhagen

The Grand Tour is a classic that allows you to glide through the canals of Copenhagen. Join the tour around the idyllic harbour and canals and see the city from a new, charming perspective. The tour is with a live guide in Danish and English - some departures even have a third language. Free access with Copenhagen City Pass.

Join a guided boat tour along the canals of Copenhagen, to get a new perspective of the city. The tour offers you one hour of fascinating and relaxing sightseeing from a refreshing point of view. The Grand Tour departs from Nyhavn or Gammel Strand and passes some of Copenhagen's most beautiful and famous sights and attractions. 

The grand views of Copenhagen

This classic canal tour goes around Copenhagen’s harbour and along the idyllic canals, while the guide tells you all about the beautiful churches, castles, old houses, new buildings and all other sights of interest along the way. Enjoy the vibrant colors of the city and the innovative architecture, an environment that triggers the creative and spoils you with amazing views.

Live guided daily tours

The tour is enjoyed with a live guide that brings anecdotes, stories och culture in to life. Learn everything you need to know and let the guide immerse you in exciting historical elements. The live guide is available in Danish and English - but for some departures the guide may offer a third language. Those varies between German, Italian, French or Spanish. 

The grand tour is open daily and all year around, and if the weather turns out to be bad, the boats are equipped for that too. The boats are covered and heated, so you can enjoy Copenhagen all year round.