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Free with pass Save 195 DKK
Free with pass Save 195 DKK


Officially one of the world’s greatest places

The Experimentarium is where science comes to life in the best way possible: by discovering it in a playful, intuitive, and fun way. Listed among the “World’s Greatest Places 2018” by TIMES Magazine, it is a place you can’t miss out on. In many ways, visiting Experimentarium is like attending a science class that everyone wishes they could have had. Enjoy free entry with Copenhagen City Pass.

The Experimentarium is located in Tuborg’s old bottling plant in Hellerup, just outside of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Here you can explore incredible exhibitions, that cover all corners of science and technology, in the most exciting and palpable way possible. And what’s best: visitors learn about cutting-edge research not by staring at screens, but by using all their senses. Little wonder: the way to land a science center on a list of the 100 best and most exciting things to do in the world is to make it fun and educational all at once.

Experimentarium gives you endless possibilities

Make music with light as you play the laser harp, take a trip through the Tunnel of Senses and learn more about how we feel, see, hear, and smell on the way, or test the interplay between body and mind on the interactive roof. The possibilities are endless and no matter how often you come, you’re guaranteed to learn something new as the Experimentarium truly is a celebration of scientific curiosity for young and old.

Experience world-class science first-hand

No matter what you do, the idea is always the same: experience it for yourself! The mission of the Experimentarium is built on the notion that fun learning is the best learning and to teach science in a way that allows you to jump right in – sometimes quite literally. You are guaranteed to have so much fun, you will not even notice how much you are learning!

Make science great again

The reason for pursuing this approach is not only to make science fun, but the creators of the Experimentarium also wanted to make it into a truly inclusive place of learning. No matter where the visitors come from, what they look like, or what language they speak, there’s little that people can bond over as easily as over their mutual excitement about how joyous and exhilarating science can be when they’re having such a blast with it.