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Free with pass Save 110 DKK
Free with pass Save 110 DKK

Danish Architecture Center

Progressive thoughts in a progressive setting

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is the place to be in Denmark when it comes to questions concerning architecture, urban culture, construction, and everything in between. The DAC aims to educate visitors about the urban environment and puts special emphasis on getting children and teenagers involved and interested. Free access with Copenhagen City Pass.

Located right by the water in central Copenhagen, the DAC itself is a work of art. For the center’s opening in 1985, the architects and planners at world-famous OMU constructed the BLOX building that houses the DAC to this day. A cubist construction dominated by steel and enormous windows, the center’s exterior embodies the forward-thinking type of architecture and urban spaces it seeks to promote.

Danish and global architecture and design

On its inside, the DAC puts on a wide variety of permanent and temporary exhibits, events, and guided tours relating to questions around how urbanity, architecture, and sustainability can be combined in productive configurations. Here, the DAC focuses equally on Danish and global perspectives and illustrates how architecture and man-made environments shape the way we live around the globe in different ways.

Its permanent installation, Made in Denmark, takes a closer look on the history of Danish design, particularly in regard to architecture and furniture, and highlights why it is so highly acclaimed. Through small installations and films scattered throughout the center, visitors get a feeling of how Danish design has changed throughout the decades and what principles have stayed the same throughout history. Here, visitors get the answer to questions such as, what makes Danish architecture and design so special? And how has such a small country developed such a strong design legacy? This is a chance to see and learn about the work of some of the very best architects throughout history!

Turning children into architects

With its focus on involving younger visitors and getting them interested in such questions, the DAC is a great destination for the whole family. With tools that span the entire range from building blocks to high-tech equipment, children and teenagers can discover their inner architect and figure out ways to build the cities of the future.