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Free with pass Save 220 DKK
Free with pass Save 220 DKK

CopenHill Ski Slope

Copenhagen City Pass gives you a ski adventure to remember

Skiing in the middle of Copenhagen? Might sound too good to be true – but it isn’t! Experience the magnificent view over the Danish capital and a glints of Sweden as well, from the top of the new sustainable landmark of Copenhagen. Announced by TIME Magazine to be one of the 50 coolest places on earth for kids, CopenHill is a must-see! The Copenhagen City Pass gives you free entrance, 1 hour ski pass and insurance.

Green slopes in the middle of a city is not a sight that the regular traveller gets to see that often. But Copenhagen is a city full of surprises!

All year round you can glide down upon the 450-meter-long artificial slope, with the same technique as if you were skiing on real snow. 

An attraction for everybody

Bring along your family, friends or go by yourself! No need to be a professional skier. The CopenHill ski slopes are divided in three different levels to match you capacity. The top brings you a bit of a challenge and is a perfect fit for the more advanced skier. The two remaining levels offers a fun experience adapted for the new beginners or the average skier. 

If you aren't much of a skier, the CopenHill has more to offer. As a certified climber you have the opportunity to try out the world's tallest artificial climbing wall. Otherwise you can enjoy the view by foot – take a hike up the trail that goes all the way up along the roof of CopenHill.  

Gear up for the adventure

Of course you can bring along your own equipment, but it's not a must. Your can get professional help to pick out and rent all the gear you need, to an additional fee, at the shop Steep and Deep.

With the right equipment your visit at CopenHill will be a breeze. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before it’s time to hit the slopes, so you can try out the gear that suits you and your level. Remember to dress according to the weather, preferably with long sleeves and pants – and don’t forget the sunscreen during the summer! 

Fantastic view from the top of CopenHill

Near the ocean at an altitude of 85 meters you’ll experience the highest point on CopenHill. From here you will enjoy the majestic view over Copenhagen and Sweden as well. 

In the bottom of the slope on the other hand, you’ll find a cozy café filled with food, light snacks and beverages for every need. Bring your hot cocoa or your cool drink out on the cafe's terrace and enjoy the last rays of sun of the day, in true skiing spirit. In the evening the café turns into an after ski bar. All you need for a day of perfect city skiing.

Innovation and pleasure combined

The slope is built on top of the clean power plant that opened 2017 under the name Amager Ressource Center (ARC). The resource handling center is one big step on the road towards Copenhagens's climate goal; to become the world's first carbon neutral capital.

The waste-to-energy plant is a destination for those who enjoy a climate positive adventure and an environment beyond the ordinary.