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Free with pass Save 160 DKK

Christiansborg Palace

One palace, four incredible attractions

The Royal Palace is located on the tiny island of Slotsholmen which also contains the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. In the Great Hall, the Queen's beautiful tapestries display more than 1000 years of Danish history. With Copenhagen City Pass, you access all attractions for free.

The center of the Danish state

Located on the island of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen and neighboring such attractions as the Royal Library, the Danish Jewish Museum, and the National Museum of Denmark lies Christiansborg Palace. In addition to seeing some of the finest exhibits in the country, visitors also discover the beating heart of the Danish state: The Queen, the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Danish Prime Minister all operate from here.

A palace built on the ruins of a castle

Christiansborg palace is not a singular structure but the latest of a series of constructions whose history goes back almost a whole millennium. In 1167 Bishop Absalon built the very first castle on this site to protect the Danish capital’s harbor from pirates. This means that Christiansborg palace in today’s form is the latest construction in a series spanning several centuries and, in fact, the third palace to bear this particular name. Due to its supreme importance for the Danish political landscape, Christiansborg is also colloquially referred to as “Borgen” (the Castle) and serves as the setting for Borgen, the highly acclaimed TV show of the same name. As parts of the palace are still in daily use, it is very much advised that visitors join one of four guided tour to discover the various secrets of the grounds. Tours are offered in English and Danish on various days of the week and take about 50 minutes.

Visiting Christiansborg palace is an incredible experience in living history, as wars, fires, and the changing tastes of the times each have left their unique mark.

The ruins

History truly comes alive with a tour through the ruins of Bishop Absalons very first castle below today's Christiansborg, only to resurface in what serves as the power center of the modern Danish state to this very day. 

The Royal Reception Rooms

The palace´s various representative functions are the focus of a tour of the Royal Reception Rooms. Standing in the center of an almost overwhelming display of royal opulence, visitors learn about the ornamentation, the architecture, art, and history of these rooms that still are used to host the Queens receptions and banquets. This also includes a visit to the Great Hall with its rich tapestries chronicling more than 1.000 years of Danish history in wool.

The Royal Stables

A tour of the Royal Stables is a particular treat for lovers of anything equestrian. Since 1740, the 250-year-old stables with their vaulted ceilings, already impressive on their own, have been home to the magnificent royal horses that draw the Golden State Coach on special occasions. 

The Royal Kitchen

But none of this splendor would be possible without satisfying the most basic of needs: food worthy of a king (or, today, a queen). Guided tours through the royal kitchens will treat visitors to a behind the scenes look of how the herculean logistical and culinary feats that have to be achieved to host a royal banquet.