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Free with pass Save 60 DKK
Free with pass Save 60 DKK

A. Petersen

Meet Danish design at A. Petersen

Let the concept of Danish design and craftsmanship take on a whole new meaning. In the A. Petersen art gallery you will get to experience design in the making, and beautiful artefacts up close. Enjoy the process and artisan craft live in exhibitions and in the boutique. Free with Copenhagen City Pass.

Copenhagen is a gem for anyone interested in design and craftsmanship. Danish design is loved and praised worldwide, and is best experienced live. See, feel and touch in the intimate art gallery, and experience new perspectives of artisan craft and design. 

Watch materials such as ceramics, textiles, wood and many others come to live. The art gallery has a strong tradition of cherishing the close relationship of the architect, the craftsman’s work and the production. A unique way of experiencing design and a definite must see for the appreciator of beautiful objects.

Rethinking and groundbreaking design

Functional and aesthetic appealing simplicity is essential in the Danish crafts. But curiosity of color, shape, functionality and materials has made the crafts from Denmark stand out from the typical Scandinavian designs. 

The perception of the true essence of design is challenged and new areas are constantly being explored. A. Petersen is the home of true passion for Danish design, and tells the story of generations of artisan crafts, techniques and modern technologies combined. All with respect to the old guilds. All designs are made by some of the most skilled and contemporary Danish architects and designers.

Bring a piece of Denmark home

In the adjoining shop you can buy some of the finest accessories and carefully selected interior details and furniture. Everything is hand-picked with inspiration from the various exciting exhibitions and the passion for true Danish craft tradition.